The Origins of The Club

It is said that the Barcelona Football Club is more than just a Club. This applies perfectly to The Club Pollença. This local institution is without doubt more than just a club. The roots of which are linked to sport, in particular, cycling.

It is thought that The Club was founded in 1910, although Miguel Cerdá Cerdá who was president of The Club in 1945 claimed that The Club was founded in 1899, although these claims cannot be verified.

Pollença Cycling Club began as a sports society for outdoor recreation. Before the Civil War, there were many other clubs in our town: Youth Clubs, Masonry workers clubs, Political Clubs as well as artistic clubs.

The members of The Cycling Club used to meet in the ground floor of what we know as the Cal Lloro, in the market square and opposite The Club building of today. As the name suggests the club organized activities relating to cycling, as at the beginning of the 20th Century there was huge interest in cycling in Mallorca.

The photograph has the date 1920 written on the back. We do not know where this photo was taken, or even if they had reached their destination or just stopped to rest. Out of the 20 young men photographed, it is only possible to identify Marti Colom who was a blacksmith; also we can identify Joan Aguló “Serena” and Joan Cortes Bibi.

Two membership cards belonging to Pedro Tomas Socias give us a little information. On his membership card from 1915 he is member 477, but, in contrast, his membership card from 1917 he is member number 76, this indicates the declining status of The Pollença Cycling Club.

According to an anonymous source some members disagreed and left to form the artistic centre.

Between 1927 and 1933 The Pollença Cycling Club changed its name to The Club Pollença, there are no records that confirm the exact date that the name was changed or the change in location for The Club.

With time The Club Pollença was the only surviving Club in the town, and incorporated many cultural elements aside from sport, and The Pollença Cycling Club became its own entity within The Club Pollença.

This is just a small part of the rich history of The Club Pollença. The Club is much more than just a club for many local people.

An outdoor meeting

This wonderful photograph shows a group of men, gathered in the cool of the main street (Carrer Major) some of them are holding Ice Creams. This scene was captured by a local photographer, Guillem Bestard, in 1920. It was taken on the corner of the street called Carrer Major which joins with the square known as Plaça L’Almoina.

The reason for this gathering is unknown, probably sharing an evening with friends talking about life! The people photographed can be identified as follows from left to right: Don Ramon Martorell Bennàssar “Sionet”; Don Gabriel Sureda Cerdà ; Don Alejandro Llabrés Pujol “de Bóquer”, Don Pedro Tomàs Socies “Manescal”; The gentleman with the hat is unknown; Don Jesús Solis “Notari”; Don Martí Llobera, and Don Antoni Cabanellas Vich, the founder of The Club Pollença in the year 1910.